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  1. Been a long time Drak. I would have to qualify my influences based on contribution, otherwise there are simply too many. 1. Les Paul - For all things *electric* he contributed to modern music and guitar and is unique playing style. 2. Edward Van Halen - For taking us (me) in an inspiring new direction in the rock music world. 3. Al Di Meola - For showing me articulation can play a huge factor and there's something more than rock that's cool. 4. Me - When the point of evolution came where I discovered I had my own *voice* and began to develop and evolve that voice. This part never
  2. Awe man, I love that dude!!! Awesome set!! Hey Ron, I know I've been out of touch. I've been so busy I can't see straight!!! The F-holes (or should I say G-holes) are an outstanding idea and look really good! I would have to say to you trust your gut on what you're doing, you seem to have a very creative thinking process and doing well with it!
  3. Not at my house. I honestly can't argue this one. When it comes to computers I often tell people if they aren't comfortable with computers at a 'techie' level, extended isn't such a bad idea because they can often make a simple problem worse.
  4. Yeah, I'm the same way. I never get extended warranties. The VAST majority of the time, if electronics survives the first 30 days, it'll usually outlast most warranties. A good example is just yesterday I purchased a new 50" TV because my tube Sony is dying. I clearly recall being offered a 5 year warranty for ~$300.00 when I got it, but it didn't start dying until after 10 years and that's the shortest life I've had on a Sony. So the vendor would have made $300.00 pure profit for absolutely nothing. Extended is just as much a gamble as none at all IMO.
  5. You go bro! I'm partial to the 'G' but think I would like it regardless.
  6. I've played those (don't have one) but even though I've recommended a Line 6, this is a good little amp. Can produce some really nice blues tones.
  7. I sure as hell better know more about guitars than your local shop employee. :D They aren't trained to know, they're trained to sell stuff. Or trick you into buying stuff.. Actually it's worse than that! They aren't trained AT ALL! Seriously, unless something has changed, they are provided no training what so ever!
  8. Again? That hurt last time!
  9. Yeah, that sounds about right. Staff is usually incompetent more so than rude. It's basically a glorified used car dealership and really nothing more. And wwwdotcomdotnet, as for giving GC an ultimatum. It honestly will likely not matter. They really don't care. As I believe already suggested, your best bet is to get rid of those cheap casters and replace them with real metal ones. In the long run, it would be your best effort instead of toying with getting junk replaced that will likely break again anyway.
  10. Crafty that cracked me up!! GuitarGuy, you took my mini-rant well. The problem is basically what Crafty pointed out. Things simply are not like what they once were. People here are fearful now, especially since 911! We're also in an era where EVERYBODY has a cell phone. People that can't buy lunch or pay their rent have a cell phone. So being stuck on the side of the road now isn't quite as 'stuck' as it use to be. There are always situations but for the most part, people who genuinely need help can most often get it. Also, I think it's important to acknowledge, things are
  11. Well I stumbled into this probably too late but I found it sort of funny. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday. Schools are closed, banks are closed, the postal service is closed, federal, state and city governments are closed. Most people go to family gatherings and other long weekend get aways. To get all fustrated because no one will help is pretty funny, no one is home or expects to be around! You would have had better results on Christmas Day! In my last three attempts to help persons on the side of the road (one case was a rest stop) all three were scam's to get money!
  12. Be careful how much effort you put into that thing. I picked up one of those and it fell apart in about 1 1/2 hours. Guess that's what happens to a $15 guitar.
  13. Ummm..shesh...Leo never played Less is Les and neither one of them invented the guitar. My current pacifiers are: Herb Ellis Joe Pass Grant Green Wes Montgomery Tal Farlow
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