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Nut Slot Depth --how Deep Is Too Deep?

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I borrowed a set of nut slot files, it's time to adjust the Rocket...the slots are a bit too high, I want to lower the strings to where they should be. It's the last adjustment I need to make, and then the guitar is going to be really amazing to play.

The nut looks like a Graphtech or graphite nut--it's the nut that came with the neck (Washburn USA). So far it's been behaving very well, the guitar holds its tune (got locking tuners too) and no pinging noises when I'm tuning up.

The thing is, even though the slots aren't deep enough, the strings are still buried into the slots --especially the treble strings are completely buried into the slot. The bass strings barely clear the top of the slots, but not nearly half the string width.

I thought this was a no-no, that you don't want your strings to be too deep, otherwise it can give problems binding.

I suppose I could remove the nut and sand it down in order to lower the slots, but I'd prefer not to-- I can be a lot more accurate setting the string heights using the nut files.

So is it a big issue if the strings are low in the slots? Assuming it continues to hold its tune and the strings aren't binding in the slots, that's all that matters, right?

I could sand down the height of the nut once I've set the string height--or should I not bother?

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Good practice is to have the wound strings deep enough that 1/3rd of the string is above the nut, and the bare strings so they are flush wth the top of the slot.

As you say, deeper slots can cause binding (greater surface area in contact ie: more friction) but if yours is behaving, the only reason to change it is cosmetic. I'd sort it, but that's because I'm pretty pedantic about the details - if it doesn't bother you, leave it. That said, it's pretty simple to do - I use a flat file to lower the top of the nut, followed by running up through the grits with some sandpaper, then a quick trip to the buffer.

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