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Diffrent Neck On A Strat

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You're going to have to be a lot more specific. What is this 'thing'? A guitar that's already built or a project you're thinking of starting?

If it's the latter, then you can build it any way you want.

If it's an already built strat, then you'll need to take some careful measurements (scale length and width and depth of heel) and go shopping and buy exactly the neck you need. As long as the measurements are right, then you can put any neck you want on there.

If it's just the headstock that bothers you and you otherwise like the neck, you might think about reshaping the headstock to give you want you want. It's not difficult, and this way you'll have no worries about fit.

Get it? The more info you give, the easier it is for the rest of us.

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There are also parts companies that make strat necks with unshaped headstocks. The upper side is tapered and drilled for tuning machines, but the lower side is left large and square so that you may shape it however you please. It's not hard at all either - all you need is a band saw to get close to the lines and a table router to finish the shape. Then you just sand it smooth and finish it.

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all you need is a band saw to get close to the lines and a table router to finish the shape.

... or a coping saw and sandpaper.

Absolutely. Just remember for either to try your design out on some scrap wood first - especially if you're inexperienced with wood tools. It's better to ruin $50 of scrap wood (exaggeration) than a $100-300 neck. Woodworking shops or high schools are great places to try for scrap wood. It will likely cost you no more than $20 for enough to completely master your tools and design.

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thanks for the help. im gonna try and go with an ibanez or a jackson. i like the pointy necks and the thinness of them both. with this guitar i want to make an 80s style shreder. first the neck then i want to make a pickguard out of sheet metal with only a single humbucker. i want to repaint it but im not sure of the color yet, something that screams 80s like a lime green or something

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