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  1. anyone? that or dose anyone know where i can get the CAD file
  2. if you really want to stay there i recomend that you tell them to teach you how to order. ive been doing it since my second week and a year later im still doing it. its not the best thing to do but its really easy compared to unloading the truck and downstacking everything. it takes me about an hour to order frozen alone and when im done the hard part is over and all thats left to do is to stock the shelf.
  3. i am looking to buy a thunderbird bass body. i am open to the kind of wood used. truth be told i can be un cut. if you have extra wood laying around and happen to have the body shape handy just trace it on the wood and sell it to me that way. no need to cut it to shape as long as its the cutting lines are of a gibson or epiphone style one. that might sound strange but the only reason why i said that is because i want to skip the desing process and get to the wood working. i am open to prices. the only thing i ask is that its either 2 inchs or 1 3/4 inches thick.
  4. if i use a q-tip do i have use a cleaner or something? also what are blotter papers?
  5. its a "valvestate" head. there is a 12ax7 in the preamp but thats the only one. I have already repacled it with a new one and it still dose the same.
  6. mabyenot- the instrument cable? i dont think thats it since im running faily new calbes and i take care of them so they dont get ran over with a chair or get bent to an extreme. gripper-the head i have has both stereo and mono FX loops. i am currntly using the stereo one. would it help if the mono has a "dummy" wire from the in to out? i havent cleaned the jacks in months so maby thats it. i just need to pick up some contact cleaner
  7. what do you mean by "bought a new lead..." is that the power cord?
  8. yep, my marshall 8200 is having problems again. this time it cuts out. i think ive read that its due to the fx loop or a bad input. i tryed to do a search on this site but it seems to be down. anywho i was at a buddys place jammin and i noticed that at any voulme the sound will cut out at times or the distortion will weaken. another thing ive notcied is that it manily happens when i pcik really hard but since its the way i normaly pick its a huge inconvinance. anyone have any ideas?
  9. how would you make it? any idea where i can find more info on making one? i tryed a search but didnt really get anywhere
  10. would this really work? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  11. 20 shiped. as far as trades im looking for a set of black RD tuners, or a 22 fret jackson style neck with a maple fretboard (im picky i know). forgot to mention i only ship within the in the US and accept paypal or money order
  12. i think its because they are the same thing. i once got a letter if i wanted to subscribe and both the letters where 100% the same other than the signature and the logo. i choose guitar world. 12 issues for 12 bucks
  13. i was reading the april issue of guitar world and in the interview with trivium they talk about it. heres what they have to say: ".....its called the Zakk Wylde drinking game. you put on a black lable society cd, and every time zakk dose a pinch harmonic, you take a drink" after i heard that i ran and put on one of their cds and i tryed it with apple juice (im not old enough to drink). let me say good times were had.
  14. i was watching the year and a half with metallica and i noticed that james guitars had foam either in between the tail piece and the bridge or after the nut. is there a reason for this? i also noiced that dimbag (RIP) had some foam after the nut.
  15. i think its great that we all have such diffrent jobs. to be honest i thought this thread would go no where. i forgot to mention im a frieght tech AKA a night stocker at a grocery store.
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