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Neck Angle - Bridge Measurement

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i made a full size drawing to get my neck angle for a deep set neck project. ok, so i drew the line and got a decent angle to measure. i measured the bridge height that i am using, however, now i am not sure whether i should measure with the saddles adjusted all the way down or all the way up. also, i think i read (during a search on neck angles) that some say to draw the line so that the touches the top of end of the highest point of the fretboard. i also think i have read that i should draw the line so that it touch the top of the last fret. can someone clarify for me.

a side question here... since i will be using a strat type bridge (lr baggs x-bridge) on a carve top, it seems to me that it should be the same as a flat top and no neck angle should be required. is that a correct assumption?

sorry for all the questions. this will be my first carve top and set neck project.

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I like to figure my neck angle so that the strings sit flat on the frets with the bridge adjusted all of the way down. As for your second question, with a strat type bridge, it's not imperative that you have a neck angle(although it never is). However, you're going to have to have the fretboard sit slightly proud of the body to get the strings at the correct height. This should have all been addressed in your plans. This brings up the question(at least in my mind), what exactly did you draw out in these full size plans?




You'll get much more precise neck angle measurements if you use some simple trigonometry rather than a protractor.

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ok, i drew out different views. top view and side view of the guitar at full size. i also made another drawing like the one in myoeg for neck angle... i drew the bridge height off the top of the body and extended a line from the bridge to a point that touches the fretboard (i made the fretboard about 1/4" proud of the body). then i extended that straight line to the plane where the nut would be at 25" scale. i measured the angle between that line and the straight line that extends from the top of the body. yes, i also used trig because my pencil lead was a bit thick to get an accurate measurement of the angle (in fact, i don't own a protractor). however, i verified my calculations by measuring the sides of the triangle with the numbers i got from my calculations and therefore get my angle (rt angle trig is very handy). so making the measurements and drawings are simple enough. i just want to make sure i plug in the right data, i.e. bridge height and fretboard/fret height.

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