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Gorgeous Wood

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On this page scroll down three items and it's the flame maple on the left, #IW8553A

It's going on my single cut body with mahogany back, mahognay neck, ebony fingerboard, maple binding on the neck/headstock with some more complicated purfling, some kind of inlay (even if it's simple I wan't something, this will be my first inlay) faux binding on the maple top, and some sort of tremolo (a first for me).

It will be finished in a very light honey golden stain. Think PRS violin amber but a wee bit lighter.

Still haven't decieded on pickups yet. Maybe a JB/59 combo with nickel covers or a pair of seth lover model. I'm going for more of a vintrage feel/sound from this one and whatever I chose I wan't coverd humbuckers. What do you guys think? Does anyone know of any cool botique pickups that would sound sweet in this one? Money is not an issue. I'll spend anything on pickups to make this guitar as sweet as possiable :D

I'm shooting higher on this one than any of my previous builds. If it pull it off I think it will be very impressive. :D

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That flame looks nice, are you shooting for a Les Paul style single cut, or is it your own design?

Lindy Fralin is an amazing boutique pickup maker that specializes in vintage pickups. If you get Duncans, I think a Pearly Gates/'59 neck would be great, and so would the Seth Lovers. A good DiMarzio set would be Virtual Hot PAF/Virtual PAF Neck.

I can't wait to see (and hear) the finished product.

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