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I;ve been curious to find out if there are any fabricators in here.

I'm a machinist apprentice and soon to have my full licence so i have done my share of fabricating.

to bring up the point of all this i jsut want to know if anyone has made up there own parts such as tehre own bridges and truss rods etc.

Right now i personally am taking detailed dimensions of a floyd rose out of my ESP, i plan on copying it to as accurate as i can get.

Does anyone have any tips or advice... perhaps detailed autocad drawnings or anything in thst sort?

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i don't have any experience in frabrication but i'd do a little research before i copied a patented product like the floyd rose. if you're just making one for personal use you might not have any problems but if you are making it to sell you could find yourself in a lawsuit. just my 2 cents worth and congratulations on getting your liscence..

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