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Peavey T40


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i could sure use a little help here..i'll admit that my brain is fried from looking at the wiring on this thing for so long today...customer brought me a peavy t40 base on which both the mini toggle switches were broken..one is the selector switch and the other is a phase switch. the guts to the selector switch weren't even there so someone had modded it to work..kinda. i told the customer that i couldn't find a wiring diagram for it so he brought me another that he had just purchased...he buys and sells all the time..

so i wired the broken one just like the one he just brought me and it doesn't work..well, being a dummy i assumed that the second one would work and did all the wiring before i pluged it in..doesn't work.

does anyone have a source for online schematics/wiring diagrams for the peavey bass besides schematic connection. i don't mind buying it but if i do i need a pdf format or something i can purchase and download rather than waiting for the mail.


edited to say..AAARRRRGGG.. i just hate spending this much time looking for something stupid that i did..or in this case didn't do..so it's not an emergency any longer, it works now, but i still wouldn't mind having a diagram on file if you happen to know where i can download one.

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