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Making My First Bass Body


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Hey guys I'm currently in year 11 and already thinking about my major work for year 12 and the first thing i could think of is to make my own bass. currently i have a Casino 4 string modded with B,E,A,D string as i like a nice deep sound.

I am looking at making a 6 string bass, but making the body for it really small, possibly 1 1/2 inch's on each side of the neck. I was just wondering how much i could be looking at to make this project. Basically the only think I'm making is the body and making it to suite all other premade parts.

I'm australian so if you guys came back with a price could you state it in wether it's $$$US or $$$AUD

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It's not that easy...prices vary pretty widely --one guy here built a guitar for $25, but there's another who spent $1700! (that's US dollars in both cases). My latest guitar cost me about 250 euros altogether, but that's because I wanted a fancy pickup.

So you're going to have to do your own homework, figure out exactly what parts you want, wood, etc. Keep in mind that the finish can be a major part of the expense, depending on what you use.

I'm not so sure about the small body idea --won't that risk making the guitar really neck heavy? Especially a six-string?

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I think you're looking at this from the wrong angle - scrimping together a 3" wide body blank to save costs is not the way to build an instrument. Perhaps try giving us your budget - and telling us what tools you already have access to, so that we can help you better. I mean if your budget is $100AUS, it's no good us saying "go get a mahogany blank for $30 dollars, and buy a router for $200".

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