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Someone Wanna Give Me A Diagram?


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So I'm getting a Seymour Duncan Invader in my bridge position and a Dimarzio Evolution in the neck.. these are replacing the two EMGs I had in it previously with vol/tone and a 3 way switch.

I can just hook them up like I did with the EMGs (no split options) but I'm wondering if I should wire it so I can split them too.. so I've a few ideas:

a. Use two mini-toggle switches to control whether or not the pickups are 'split', the 3 way toggle can still be used to blend the pickups, single tone and vol.

b. Push/Pull pots (vol splits neck, tone splits bridge).

I'm guessing both would work exactly the same but having only ever wired up a pair of EMGs my experience is somewhat limited. If someone could help me out with diagrams for the two options I'd be very grateful, I'm sure it'd only take someone a few minutes.

Also, I think my Ibanez used 250k pots as standard, would you recommend 500 or 1000 as a replacement? I was going to go with the 500s but I'm not sure which would be best for the two pickups I have.

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i'd recomand that you won't split your pickups, but make them go parallel and series by switch.

as for practicly doing it, you need to get a DPDT switch (or a push pull, same thing schematicly), get the hot wire of the the first coil to the middle right terminal, the hot wire of the second coil to the upper right terminal, the ground wire of the first coil to the ground, the ground wire of the second coil to the middle left terminal, ground the upper left terminal and short out the lower left and lower right terminals, then the hot wire of the second pickup goes to the selector switch.

the conflict about push pulls \ DPDTs (double pole double throw) should be just for asthetic reasons. i'd go for the push pulls if i had the money, because its more handy to use in my opinion. (used dpdts on my project only because i didn't felt like spending the money of push pulls + shipping for my Squier)

good luck

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