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Project 'flying G'

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Hey guys,

I'm about to embark on my first guitar build, and just wanted to set out my plans, in case I've not thought anything through fully. It's called project 'Flying G' (G being my first initial, it was either that or the 'G-String' B) ). Some parts are already on order so hopefully it will commence in a week or two :D

The design is based loosely on the original Jackson King V, but with a few mods.

Neck through design - single piece of Rock Maple 650mm scale length (25.5")

22 frets (never seem to use the other 2 :D ), inverted headstock with Gotoh mini-tuners (keep the weight down), simple MOP dot inlays. The body is Mahogany.

The bridge will be the cam-based Kahler 2300 tremolo unit - haven't actually used one before but they get good reviews, and also it's less wood to hack out (1/2" deep route) as one of my concerns of a 'V' is balance.

(One of my friends had a BC Rich Warlock but the neck had to be supported due to the weight distribution making it unpleasant to play, and I wouldn't want to suffer the same problems)

Pickups are EMG-81/85 for bridge/neck and their PA2 20dB gain booster. I'm also thinking about an unobtrusive on/off switch to kill the power as I'm lazy & don't usually unplug the cable after playing.

There are no full scale drawings yet, just preliminary sketches & measurements as I need to wait for the trem unit to arrive before the neck angle etc. can be calculated.

I'd value any constructive feedback at this point....before the first bit wood gets cut :D

Once it's underway I'll keep regular piccies posted with progress.

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hmmm... see if you can post those sketches, i'm having a hard time picturing this guitar in my head.

I don't have a scanner for posting sketches, but here is the real mccoy:

Jackson King V

Mine will have a different trem unit/pickups :D

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