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Evening all!

Was wondering (inspired by stomp boxes :D how easy (and if easy) how would one go about making a simple circuit that goes in the control cavity, which has an LED that lights up when the guitar cable makes connection with the Jack

Cheers in advance guys

P.S (im suprised you guys dont hate me with the amount of questions i ask here :D )

~~ TS ~~

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B) Wow, deja vu, totally! :D

Discussed Wednesday and yesterday here:


Sorry LK B)

I have closed that part of the board since i rarley ever read through that section, so never actually saw that thread :D

You could just use a TRS stereo jack as a switch, stompbox style - simply hook up your batteries' (two AAAs will probably take up the least room, unless you want to use button cells) positive side to the current limiting resistor in series with the anode of the LED(s), and hook the cathode to the guitar's ground point, then hook up the battery negative to the ring terminal of the TRS jack. When you plug in, the mono jack will short the ring to the sleeve (ground) and complete the circuit, lighting the LED.

This seems simple enough, cheers once again LK!

*feels even more stupid that he keeps asking questions and THEN the answers are right in front of him and doesnt see em :D *

~~ TS ~~

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Here's a pic of the LED on my Sustainer Guitar to tempt you...got to be blue BTW...


Is this a subtle hint im ment to be in the sustainer thread? B)

Id love to join in but i dont think ive got the electronics intelligence to make any sense in there :D

I did GCSE Electronics but it went no where near in depth enough to cover the stuff you do in that thread!

It mostly covered gates (and Or etc) and capacitor/resistor values

Also learnt about different latch circuits and how to solder


Cheers for the subtle hint pete :D

~~ TS ~~

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