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Tiny Screws For Direct-mounting Pickups

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i'm looking for tiny wood screws for direct-mounting pickups. the screws Stew Mac sells are too long and too fat [and too soft]. i'd like to get some screws that match the ones in my Ibanez, which are #2 gauge, 5/8" long, roundhead, with a philips socket. and they're black.

does anyone know a good source for unusual, tiny gauge wood screws like this? i haven't found anything close at any of the usual guitar supply places [stew Mac, Warmoth]. i've also googled bulk fastener suppliers and haven't found anything there either.

thanks for any help.

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Hrm, they have bunchs of these things at my local hardware store (the nice, locally owned one - nothing against the big guys, they just don't seem to have a good selection of little screws.) Don't know if I've seen them in black, but they got stainless steel - that should be hard enough, right? Have you tried calling around? I'm always surprised at what I can find locally with a little legwork.

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McMaster-Carr supply

i forgot to mention that i did check them--i've ordered from them before. they didn't have any roundhead wood screws that small.

and j. pierce, my local hardware store has no philips-head wood screws smaller than #4.

you direct-mount folks out there--what screws do you use?

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Try McMaster part number 92470A101. $3.68/100. They are panhead/phillips/stainless. That small of a screw should hide the slight flattened portion of the panhead.

thanks for the tip, but if i can't find roundhead wood screws, i might as well use humbucker ring mounting screws. they have countersunk heads, but at least i could get them in the right color.

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