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In The Midst Of A Mod


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I have been working on changing the pickups out on my ESP LTD M-50 recently. But I also wanted to add a mod at the same time. Now this was probably a bad idea to do both because I never rewired anything in a guitar before and the only soldering I did was back in highschool about 5 years ago and I never completed the project.

So the mod was supposed to be a Duncan Stag Mag in the neck and a Full Shred in the bridge position. The guitar has the original LTD 3-way selector switch, the original 500K volume pot and I replaced the tone pot with a 500K push/pull pot. This way I was supposed to be able to get the split coil sound from the Stag Mag. I obtained a diagram with a Les Paul type 3-way switch off of guitarelectronics.com. Then after drawing the diagram of how my guitar was setup originally, I copied the diagram from guitarelectronics, but used the LTD switch. Here's the diagram of how I wired it up. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e230/alaskacoldkill/guitarwiring.jpg ://http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e...itarwiring.jpg

I used colors, but not symbols, so if you have any questions just ask.

I completed the wiring, or so I thought, but it's not working exactly as it's supposed to. The guitar works when the pickup selector is at it's top position, but it won't work at the middle or bottom position. Also the tone push/pull pot does nothing with either being pulled, pushed, or turned. I used colors, but not symbols. So is there something I hooked up wrong? I ran a continuity test with my multimeter and everything seems to be connected. But then again it's scary because I was getting voltage on the string. Is that normal? When I was testing it, I first tested it by using something else on the string so I didn't get shocked if my ground wasn't right. But then I did touch the string and didn't feel like I was getting shocked at all. Thanks for all your help guys.

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