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Scalloping A Heel?

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I have a jackson that I really love, its a dinky and I presently am hot rodding it with a more elaborite wiring setup, pickup covers, custom truss rod covers, etc. the only thing on the guitar that bugs me is the heel on the neck, its huge like a fender strat, I really dont like the feel of it and am planning on shaving it down some, the only thing is I really dont want to ruin this guitar, so my main question is this, will removing 3/16" from the heel of this body make this guitar less stable? I know that jackson make bolt-ons with this already , I just want to do It to my guitar to make the neck access better.

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You should be able to replace the neck plate with inserts --that'll let you use shorter screws, and a shallower heel.

But with the inserts you can also offset the arrangement of the screws, to get an AANJ type pattern. This will allow you to scallop out the treble side of the heel, leaving the bass side pretty much as is --and maybe that'll be all you'll need for it to be comfortable to play, without sacrificing any of its stability.

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that is definatly a path Im going to consider as well, inserts wouldnt be a bad Idea

I'm curious - Why are inserts (ferrules) a bad idea? They're used successfully on many guitars...

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