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Pagelli Jazzability

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I found a real close up picture of a Pagelli Jazzability's neck. I used comparasons and ratios to figure out the measurements (obvious they're not EXACT size I can't account for al the angles, etc. of the different parts in the picture, but they're fairly accurate). Either way, I was wondering how he gets away with that body and neck joint? It measures out like this:

The neck has a total heel thickness of about 1 1/8", of that only .82" is set down into the body. A body only 1.4" thick itself! (isn't that REALLY thin for a hollowbody?!) HOWEVER I do have to add this (which is probably how he gets away with it), where it is set in, the wood under the set neck on the treble side maintains about a .42" thickness (ie: the neck isn't right up against the edge of the lower bout's cutaway) and it's set in pretty far (4.2").

I'd like to try something like this (shallow set depth in a shallow body). Is it do-able? (I've come to know just cause Pagelli can do it... doesn't mean I can :D )


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