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Need Help Finding Pink Paint.

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Ok, I've already painted one guitar with some paint that I got at a paint shop in Albertville (a town close to where I live). I'm not sure what kind of paint it was I just know that the guy that worked there said that he has painted plenty of guitars before and that's what I needed to use. The paint worked fine, the only problem is I need a better shine because the guitar now reminds me of Pepto Bismo (however u spell it). And that guitar was also just a $70 guitar I got to practice my painting skills on. But now I'm movin up to my $400 Tom Delonge Fender and thought I should put some more into it. I don't care to order paint off the internet and I don't care to spend a descent amount of money on it as long as it'll be worth it. Also, the color pink I'm lookin for is a hot pink. But not a girly hot pink. It's hard to explain. I don't know how to post pics since I joined the forums only about 5 minutes ago but if you'll give me your e-mail I can send u a picture of the color I'm talking about. Or you could just tell me how to post one. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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Stewmac sells pigments for either water based or nitro based lacquer. Stewmac

I used some of the black pigment in nitro to make an opaque finish and sprayed it on. I also used some white and black pigment together in nitro to make a grey primer before applying the black. Worked well.

Stewmac also sells a finishing video in which the instructor mixes and sprays a strat with grey pigment and then a final color in PINK!!! You may want to look at that here

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