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Bad Previous Work - Suggestions Needed

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Just thinking outload here but:

Get an old butter knife or putty knife, one with a flat thin blade, grind an edge on one side, not sharp, but pointed.

Fishing fillet knifes also have very thin blades.

Heat the blade with steam, hot water, over a stove burner, something.

Wedge the blade under the fretboard and slowly start working your way down.

i.e. Try to make a little progress, then reheat and go again.

Or you might try some kind of solvent, drip some under the fret board, try wedging the knife under, repeat.

Or a combination of the two.

I used a similar procedure to remove violin fretboards, which of course had soluable hyde glue.

Anyway, a grain of salt idea, at the least it may help you decide on one way you don't want to try.

Good Luck,

d ward

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It worked!

Came off with no problem.

Only took about an hour and a half.



Glad to be of help.

As I tell my students: I am not God, however, there are times when I appear to be Godlike.

Be Cool,

d ward

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