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Strat Trem Standards (and Everything Else?)

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Can anyone point me to a list of standard strat trem spacings?

The ones I find are:

2 1/16"

Mexican (or 'economy')

2 3/16"


2 7/32"


I know these are probably all over the map- I found at least two major bridge makers who offered other spacings. I've also run across people called 2 1/8" US standard.

Is there any standard nomenclature about this at all? Is there a standard 'import spec' like there is with US & import pot shaft splines?

And all that's for strat trems. What about tele spacing and the world of hardtails? And then we get into the world of Gibson, and everything with a fixed-post tuneomatic? If we're talking acoustic guitars, does that bring us into the land of terms like 000 and stuff?

You see why I asked if there were a reference. It seems like something somebody would have put in a chart already... if not, I'll gather what I can and post it for reference.

This issue comes up for those of us who aren't refinishing as much as restoring- i.e. reconstructing, 'fixing up', 'bringing back from the dead' etc. For vintage import stuff especially, there's a lot of variation, and any idea of what standard somebody was imitating would be a beacon in the soup.

Many thanks,


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It's all different. There's really no consistent standard from manufacturer to manufacturer. Fender, Gibson, and Hoshino are all usually way different, and all the replacement part manufacturers try to fit somewhere between 'em all.

I like Stew-Mac's way of putting dimensions on their website because it certainly makes it easier to figure out which part to buy. Even then, you're still going to have to tweak your pickguard to fit your particular guitar.

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