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Squier "medium Jumbo" Fret Size?

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I was down at my music store trying out a few pedals, and I just grabbed the nearest guitar, which happened to be a Squier chambered Tele. The guitar itself was nothing to write home about, although I am surprised at the improvement in general sound and quality since the last time I played a Squier, (probably almost a decade ago.) Perhaps it was just this guitar.

The one thing I noticed thought was the neck - the "C" shape is definitely what I think I'm looking for (I've been playing the same beater SG for years until just recently, having finished my second build, [and my first worthy project guitar; wish I had known about PG, and had read more books before starting the first one!] and was never quite happy with the feel of the neck but without much experience on other guitars, I had little knowledge of what exactly I wanted) But even more so, I noticed the frets - I've been using LMI's "FW74" fretwire on the guitars I've built, having matched it roughly to the fretwire on the guitar I'm used to, but have thought recently about using something larger. I borrowed a friends Jackson (or something pointy) with what was purportedly "jumbo" frets, but found them uncomfortably large and never gave it a second thought. But these "medium jumbo" frets really feel like the dead on right size, perfect, and since I'd like to refret my one of my builds anyway, (I think I've gotten it down and can do a much better job, now) I'd like to give these a go.

So all my rambling aside, does anyone know the specs on this fretwire? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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