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Humbuckers In Series Or Parallel


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In a typical Les Paul, Sg or other dual humbucker guitar, are the two humbuckers wired in series or parallel with each other. Im not talking about coil splitting but each pickup in relation to the other. What would be the result if they were wired oppositely? Thanks in advance!


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Parallel. Series would give you a hotter signal.

Some guys add this option to their Telecasters, but those are singlecoils.

I haven't heard humbuckers in series before, but my guess is you'd get a hot, muddy sound.

I like the sound of humbuckers in parallel.

Yea, i thought so. I know about those single coils and the S1 switching, but i was just making sure. Thanks

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I like both. Standard mod on all my humbucker guitars is a series/parallel/single per pickup, and a series switch to but the two in series on command. Gives you a very fat, thick, hot sound, but it can be fun. More useful (IMO) in combination with coil taps/parallel on the humbuckers themselves than, say, a phase switch.

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wouldn't parallel give more percieved output than series? so series would be fine for two humbuckers yeh?

I'm not sure about "perceived output", but when you wire pickups in series, their resistances are summed, giving you a hotter signal. In parallel the resistance is 1/4 of the sum of the two pickups = lower output. It's Ohm's Law. :D

Like mattia said, humbuckers in series give you a hot, fat sound. If that floats your boat, go for it. :D

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