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Passive Wah?


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Passive wah, as in not battery-powered?

I can't imagine that being very effective. The core of a wah pedal is a resonant peak on a filter, which is created by amplifying/boosting/exaggerating certain frequencies. It's possible for it to be done passively, in theory, but your volume level would have to go way down for it to work, which you'd have to "make up" at the amp, thereby introducing hiss and hum to your signal.

It's possible that he might have been doing a simple "tone control in a pedal", which should be an easy mod to a volume pedal. Won't sound like a wah, but it'll give you a swept tone effect, which could still prove useful!

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yeah, i dont know exactly what he meant cuz i havent talked to him in a while. The whole not-battery thing threw me off too, which is why i am now asking around. Perhaps a different capacitor than a standard tone know uses so it affects the midrange more instaed of the high end might work, but i dont know what im talking about at all.

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