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Hvlp Types

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So, I've got myself a HVLP setup and was wondering what types of paints I can use. Can I spray, nitro, poly,laq with a gun like that. Also can I use just any type of gun with it or does it have to be an HVLP type? I'd like a gravity feed gun for cheap, can I switch out the guts and interchange the needels and such? :D

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This all really depends on how big your air compressor is. Did you check to see if your guns CFM requirement are succeeded by the tanks CFM output? I'd worry about buying a compressor that can handle your gun, before you buy the gun because HVLP EAT up CFM like no tomr. After you have your compressor, gun and all your little accessories for them sorted out, you can spray anything you'd like. I'd recommend getting a good respirator (mine was like 20 bucks from Home Depot) for spraying anything. If you wan't to spray poly's though, you SHOULD have a spray booth with forced air and exauhst fans. You can read up more of that using the search feature.


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