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Finishing A Strat Rebuild Neck

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I'm looking to finish a replacement strat neck for a partscaster project. Not looking for glorious cosmetics, just seal to protect from grease, dirt, water, etc.

I have an aerosol can of clear acrylic lacquer, and a tin of Tru-oil from a previous project.

Would either be ok for finishing the neck? What about the fretboard?

Thx guys!

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Maple or rosewood fretboard? I prefer gloss polyurethane on necks, but the lacquer should do just as well. If its a rosewood fb then it should be masked off before shooting the finish. If its a maple fb I use twice as many coats on the back and headstock compared to the fb, 6 to 3 should do it. When its totally cured I run some fine steel wool on the back of the neck to give it that silky smooth feel.

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Agreed. I used a can of Krylon Crystal Clear on a Squire neck, who's headstock I reshaped (hatethe big headstocks), and it came out rather nice.

Thx guys, sorry forgot to mention its blonde maple. So SOme light coats of crystal clear, leave to cure, buff up, then 3 or 4 more light coats, right?

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