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Sealer: Info Please


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Hello all!

I've been reading the forum for a few weeks now, and have finally started my first "refinishing" project... and of course question, questions, and more questions.

The first one:

What is "sanding sealer"? I went to a hardware store and asked for it... they gave me dark grey primer!

I am working with an ash body and would like to do a transparent finish. I'm going to run over to our local Homedepot and buy some epoxy to fill in the grain (hopes for black to be in stock), does anyone has a recommendation for clear sealer that I can buy at Homedepot?

There will be more...

p.s. I've searched - really.

edit 5 minutes later:

Well, look what I found!!!


I still need info (hand holding?) :D

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Usualy I say keep searching but here you go.


Check this thread out, most of your answers are there. Also here is a link to the 1st body I made, you might find some info there


Thanks. I've read the first one, but don't recall seeing an explaination of "what sealer is"

I'll check out the 2nd one right now. :D

Oh... I read that a thinned down clear coat can be used as a sealer. Good info?

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My sealer of choice: Shellac (dewaxed, natch; if you must buy instead of mix your own, Bullseye Seal Coat is the thing you want).

The End.

Bullseye Seal coat - NOTED!

McFaddens Vinyl sealer - Also noted!

Thanks guys.

Maiden - you guitar (in the link post above) come out really nice!

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