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Js1000 Refinish


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I don't agree. I would be very suprised if it were a one piece body -- there would be no reason for Ibanez to build it that way for a solid finish (it's possible, but don't assume). Even so, it is still basswood. Yes basswood's grain isn't very apparent ... which is one reason it won't look good stained. Basswood will never look like a JS6 (mahogany), no matter what elaborate staining you try to do to it. If that is the look you want, get a JS6/6000 or make a mahogany body. You also shouldn't assume that the basswood will look that good. It can have discolored areas that don't affect the sound, but would look terrible in a natural finish. Of course, you won't ever know for sure until you strip the existing finish, but I wouldn't even consider it in this case.

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calm down :D:D

i'd already decided from the replies on another forum, that i'm going to get the body copied on a mahogany piece of wood.

should look beautiful

I am perfectly calm. Any excitement is something you read into it.

If you already decided to replace the body, why are you here asking for opinions on sanding and refinishing this one?

Good luck anyway ... hope it comes out well.

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