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Guitar Magnet Suppliers In The Uk?

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Hallo all!

I'm looking for some new magnets for some pickups I'm planning on re-winding. The lumps of ferrite they came with don't exactly fill me with confidence in the final tone that the pickups will produce! I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I could order magnets from that was in the UK.

I know that Stew Mac sells them but I'm not overly fond on paying more on the postage to the UK than on the magnets. I also know that allparts sells AlNiCo IV bar magnets but they seem a little expensive.

I'm looking for AlNiCo (2, 4 or 5) and Ceramic magnets. In bars and rods. Anyone know of somewhere I can get them?



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I got a bunch of stuff from Steven Kersting, AMPGE.com. Plan to order 300 bucks worth of stuff and prices get pretty decent, and shipping's not that bad if it's all done in one go, via USPS. I didn't feel like considering ways to cut my own magnets, so it seemed like the smart thing to do.

Wire (42 guage, anyway) can be had from wires.co.uk, look at the enamelled copper wire.

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Thanks for the link....his prices arn't half bad even if its not at bulk buy levels. I don't like the idea of magnet cutting either...it seems like a lot of hastle and seems like you could end up nackering the magent quite easily in some cases.

wires.co.uk I'd seen before and it was one of the places I was considering getting wire from.

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