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Some questions from a newbie


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Hey everybody!

I´ve bought this old yamaha rgx1212s that I want to restore. First of all, it´s got a double locking trem, which I don´t like. So I´m gonna fill the trem-cavity with wood and use a tune-o-matic bridge instead. Also, the guitar has a S-S-H pup configuration and I want H-H instead. Can I just fill the S-coil cavities with wood and route a new H-cavity?

I also want to repaint the guitar and I read that you don´t have to strip the guitar to the wood. But the finish is all scratched and chipped (you can see the bare wood in some places), and the parts I filled with wood will be unpainted. Wouldn´t these areas look different if I keep the old finish as a base? Maybe it would be better to strip all the paint and start from scratch?

Oh and another thing, the neck is a neck-through or set neck and it has a bound fretboard. Anything I should have in mind when repainting the neck?

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Sounds like you got a full basket lookin' at ya there, lots of work to be done.

I don't think you will be able to switch to a TOM, since your neck is permanently set.

TOM's need an angle, and you most likely don't have it, and on that guitar there's no way to adjust for it either, so I'd say barring doing something really stupid, like recessing the TOM into the body (at least I think that's a stupid thing to do) your looking at installing a Fender hardtail-style bridge. And even that will need to be checked for proper string passage over it before you go filling anything in...and installing rear ferrules if you've never done it before is always a hoot!

You might want to consider installing all 5 springs on the tremolo and removing the arm, that's the quick and easy way to get you to non-tremolo-land.

To do all the changes you want to do, you are going to have to completely strip that guitar down and do a complete re-finish from scratch on it. Are you OK with that? If so, yes, you can fill in the SC cavities and route out for a HB.

About re-painting and the neck, when you get to that point, re-post. You've got a helluva lot of work to do before that day arrives!

Before you do anything, you should ask yourself this: if the TOM is THAT important to you, then you should consider another guitar, you might still be able to sell that one to help fund something else a little more suited to your wants.

Maybe you could use this guitar to practice your painting skills, so it might bring you a bit more dough when you go to sell it (from your description, it sounds kinda beat) and leave everything else alone for re-sell.

Just an idea...

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