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Wood Tuning Key Buttons

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ok, had a customer call me this morning with a question i couldn't answer. he wants to replace his tuning key buttons on two american made teles with wooden ones and didn't know which ones to order. allparts lists ebony buttons for small and large schallers, for gotoh and for small and large grovers. i assume that means that they have different sized holes to slip over the machine's shaft so anyone have an idea of what would fit on fender tuners?

one other thing..i searched with all the combinations of words i could think of and couldn't find the thread that i'm pretty sure i read covering suppliers of custom made wooden buttons..anyone remember. i'm going to google it in just a moment..i'm just curious to see if there's someone out there making them that i won't be able to find on line.


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I'm guessing you can probably actually fit any of the knobs on any of their respective brand's tuners. If that's not the case, I imagine the smaller gotoh knobs fit on the gotoh 510 mini tuners and the smaller schallers fit onto the schaller m-6 minis. Smaller tuner, smaller knob...makes sense to me.

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Have him contact Fender and ask what tuners are on his guitars. Chances are they're Gotohs if they're fairly new, and Allparts should be able to tell you which buttons fit which tuners (since they carry pretty much any Gotoh machine in existence)

i always assumed that they were gotohs as well but contacting fender is a good idea. think i'll drop a line to nichols guitar as well.

thanks all.

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