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Acne Rash In White Lacquer


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I finished laying 3 rattle cans of white acrylic lacquer over the period of a several days, and then shot 2 cans

of clear. It seems like it's drying out with no problems other than I can see what looks like a rash, or "goosebumps" in a couple areas. Probably air bubbles or gas-off deep in the color coats. Hopefully i can sand them out. I'm gonna let this thing dry at least 2 months. Think i'll be able to get rid of the goosebumps if I let it dry out really well? I used Home Depot's Rustoleum lacquer, which was probably not the best choice, but it seemed to be pretty forgiving and easy to shoot. Thanks..

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i think what you're talking about is orange peel, does the texture resemble the skin of an orange? if so then that is very dcommon and should sand out just fine.

>>> It actually looks more like the skin of an uncooked chicken...

>>>>>>>>> I sanded it out with 1000, and now a few days later, it came back.....I might me able

to sand it out one more time. Hopefully, whatever's trying to force it's way out will eventually stop

once the lacquer cures.


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