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I Keep Screwing Up

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well as an ameture i must learn from my mistakes, maybe you guys can helps me out.

i purched high quality automotive paint and doing a finish on my guitar, but the same problem keeps occuring and its very irritation. I get "orange peel" or roughness, and i always thought it was from making to dry of a pass, but today i was thinking other wise. i found that the bottom of the gutiar body (the part i had to squat down and paint under) required me to hold the can more verticle, and the result was a perfect flawless finish, but that was the cast for the rest of the guitar. I ended up with orange peel and decided i needed to fix without have to do another coat so i waited for it to dry and then i sanded it with 1000 grit, not to my surprise it made the paint a lighter shade with scratch marks just like it has done before, im doing another coat tomorrow so i need the right know how before i do so. thanks.



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orange peel is very very common, put on all your color coats and wet sand it a bit so the bumps are smaller, dont try to get them all the way down or you might sand through. you can level it all out perfectly when you clear, as you will have many times the number of color coats.

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