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Grounding To Bridge

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this weekend im going to be finishing off my bass guitar build and i wanted to know how to ground the electronics to the bridge. the bridge is painted black so will i need to sand some paint off and solder the ground to the bridge? or should i use a washer and place it around one of the screws, which are also black? thanks a lot!


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don't know exactly what type of bridge you're using but if it's a top loader like a schaller or abm you can usually and easily drill an angled hole under your bridge into the control cavity. solder a wire to your grounding point inside the cavity. strip a half inch of insulation from the other end of the wire and insert it into the hole until it protrudes onto the top of the guitar and then clean off a spot on the bottom of the bridge where the wire will contact it and then just screw the bridge down.

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I dont know about you but i generally have a few rules when doing a ground job.

1st and formost i learned a good trick from the master himself [not revealing my sources to keep flame wars down] but a good mechanical joint is always a good idea as well as a good electrical one.

a friend of mine builds these little lespaul juniors where the pickguard is copper backed and the cavity has a specific pattern cut out of metal so that when you screw it together it automaticly makes ground.

anyway you can try this if you like. alot of people use a bare wire like in the stud post for a lespaul for me on nearly any guitar i do solder a solid core wire to some sort of slug like they have at ace hardware its just a punched out bit of metal i find one the same size as the hole i am using for hte floyd or lespaul stud and i solder too it drop the whole thing in the holes and then hammer it down.

but thats me.. I am a little paranoid about grounding. and interference.


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