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I'm reading the Stew Mac Fret Work book, and in a couple of places they mention using paste wax on a fretboard before applying superglue if it's needed somewhere. The result being that excess glue is easy to clean up with a small dog-leg hobby chisel since the board is waxed.

I need to pick up some more superglue anyway, so I might as well grab some paste wax (I see them using "Blue Label" brand carnuba in the pictures in the book) But I'm wondering, would this same idea work if I used a wax pencil, or even a crayon instead? Or is this just stupid? I figure I'll use the right stuff, and practice on scrap (both with the appropriate technique and the improv one) but I'm wondering if I'd just be wasting my time experimenting with my improv idea?

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The "paste wax" is an easily wiped-on substance, whereas something like a crayon is a hard wax. Just the process of coloring the wood with a crayon enough to get a film layer to stay on the wood, would probably put burnish marks on the wood. Just one little area of exposed wood (like a small flake of hard wax that isn't stuck to the wood), and the water-thin super-glue can wick right in there, and even under the surrounding wax coating, and bond to the wood.

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