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Uke Tutorial

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Hi......Im probably going to get shot down here but because Im sure this has come up before but.....before that happens......I did do a seach of the forum and just could find anything too useful :D

Im trying to find a good tutorial mabye with some plans on building a good quality uke....

Any links or suggestions of good books would be greatly appreciated....

Thanks alot


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goodle diy ukulele and you'll find more sites than you can shake a pick at..good luck with your project.

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great theres some good info there..thanks alot..

umm also wondering......Im guessing theres 2 ways to bend the sides...one by hand and a bending iron and the other...well ive gathered that they kind of clamp them to a mdf mold the same shape as the guitar is going to be?

Just wondering if anyone has any opions as to which is the easiest/best method..


When bending my hand, must the sides be bent to the exact shape...I mean to the mm? or can you rely on the top to pull it into shape?

Also whats is a good temperature to have ones bending iron...

Sorry so many questions.....I must say something about this forum is that the people here are so helpful...I have always had fast and very helpful replys and I would like to thank everyone for that....



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Shimmy, the MIMF library is packed with info about side bending. I've bent some wooden binding on a hot pipe, and it's not rocket science, it's actually pretty good fun.

The pipe temparature should be hot enough that water dropped on it 'dances' off - it literally 'jumps' off the pipe, rather than turning to steam.

The technique you describe as 'clamping to shape' is probably a fox bender. You use a mould of the guitar sides, heated by high power light bulbs or a heat blanket, and slowly crank the wood down to shape whilst heating it. Unless you plan on making a lot of ukes of the same design, I'd use a hot pipe. You can make one from a bit of pipe and a ceramic light fitting or propane torch for very little cash, and it's good to have experience using one before going to a sidebender jig. If nothing else, you may have to 'touch up' your sides from the bender, so knowing how to use a pipe is helpful.

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