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Does Anyone Have Decal Pics?

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I live in Australia and have a strat body with a lic by fender neck and wanted to put a strat decal on it. I wanted to put the 70s style on it and attempt to make one myself since I don't want to buy one off ebay.

I don't understand why fender doesn't just make decals that have a designation of rebuilt or partscaster or something like that for people that are customizing their strats. I wanted a lefty neck on my strat but didn't want to have to buy an entire new guitar to get it. I own strats and like the idea of customizing my own instead of paying some guy 1000s to do something similar.

If anyone has any digital pics to help me out it would be appreciated. Thanks

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Sorry, you're not going to find a lot of people here cheering you on...fact is, putting a Fender logo on a non-Fender guitar is fraud (if you're selling it) or a lie (if you're keeping it). A 'licensed' neck does not mean it's a Fender neck --it just means that Fender gave the company permission to produce necks that look like theirs in exchange for a fee. This way Fender gets to cash in on the lookalike market.

I recognize that the logo is part of the finished look of a guitar, and there's nothing to stop you from coming up with your own logo to 'finish' your guitar. I made my F3nd3er logo using photoshop and transparency paper.

Of course you can always buy logos--there are plenty on ebay. The one I've seen looks like crap --it's printed on the inkjet decal paper you can buy, and completely lacks the resolution of a professional decal.

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