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Switch Question


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Hallo everybody!

I checked the sticky up at the top, but I didn't see this question answered there... I don't get a chance to read much of the previous topics here, so I apologize if this has been posted/answered already.

So, here's my situation...

I know how to solder, and I know enough about electronics and diagrams and all that to wire my guitars (the absolute necessity :D ). I can look at a diagram and wire it accordingly, etc...

But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to wire something to the config I want. I look at a switch in a diagram, think about switching a part of the config for another, and have no idea how to do it. Like in this DiMarzio diagram, what is going on?


(off topic- does dual sound mean parallel and series at the same time, or just that you have the option to switch to either?)

with the 6 X boxes and such... I'd really like to try some new configs, but I don't know where to begin, and I'd rather not email the Dimarzio tech all the time :D

Any help is appreciated,


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whats going on is just a diagram of a dpdt switch as viewed from underneath. that particular diagram is of a series/parallel switch (which allows you to switch from series - how humbuckers are usually wired, to parallel - which gives a more single coil type sound).

other than that i dont really know what you're asking. do you mean you dont know how to insert this switch into your existing circuit or that you want to use a dpdt switch to do something else like coil split or phase switching?

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Hmm, also not really sure what your question is. If you want a load of example wirings and switch configs, look thru the schematics on guitarelectronics.com or seymourduncan.com/schematics.

The switch above will work by having 1,2,4,5 live in one position and 2,5,3,6 live in the other position.

A on-on-on type DPDT switch also commonly used for series/parallel pup switching will work by having 1,4,2,5 on in up position, 1,2,5,6 live in mid position and 2,5,3,6 live in the down position. Is that the info you are looking for?

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