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Custom Wiring For A Strat...


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I'm trying to wire up a Strat and am needing help. The guitar has S/S/S pickups (middle pickup is RWRP), one master tone, one master volume, and I have a 5-way SuperSwitch. Here is what I want to accomplish:

1. Bridge (like normal)

2. Bridge + Middle (like normal)

3. Bridge + Neck (see below for more info)

4. Middle + Neck (like normal)

5. Neck (like normal)

For position 3, I would like it to be a combination of the bridge and neck pickups, but I'd like it to be humbucking and sound similar to the middle position on a Jazzmaster....that gets a really full bodied sound that would greatly add to the versatility of this Strat. I also like the sound of a Les Paul with the 3-way switch in the middle position and both pickups coil-tapped.....that gives a nice, full sound.

If anybody could provide help with that, it'd be greatly appreciated! I'd prefer this to all be done with the 5-way switch, but I will consider separate switches (probably via push-pull pots) if absolutely necessary.

BTW, I already tried one wiring method that gave me all five of the above-mentioned pickup combinations, but position 3 just didn't have the full bodied sound I'd hoped for. I'm guessing they are parallel and in-phase, but I'm not sure.

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On a 4 pole SuperSwitch, I basically assigned each of the 3 pickups a separate pole on the switch and wired accordingly to get the above-mentioned combinations. The 4th pole is unused. I connected the common to the volume control, then that connects to the tone control. Does that make sense? If not, I'll try to make a drawing and post it.

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Try this:


(click image for larger view)

That may get you closer - the middle position is neck and bridge in series, so it should be warmer and more like a humbucker. I can't think of any easy way to make Strat pickups sound like those fat Jazzmaster single coils, but maybe this will suffice.

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