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Help Building First Guitar

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I've been reading around the site for a couple of hours now, I was looking for information on scalloping, but i got carried away and read a couple of the threads on building and peoples progress. well, to the point... i want to build my first guitar. I only have a genaral idea of what there is to be done from what i read so far. Im not even sure what type of guitar i want to make yet. So first, where can I find templetes?

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First of all welcome aboard, there is a wealth of info on guitar making you can find here.

I've been working on a way to introduce new members to the site, follow the link below to get at least some help on using the site.


As to your plans for a guitar building project.

I would first start looking at pictures of guitars that you find here or elsewhere on the net.

Once you focus in on something, then start looking for the details like templates etc.

Another thing that would be helpful in getting advice on a first project would be for you to tell us a little bit about your "potential" as a builder.

What kind of tools do you have or have access to?

How much woodworking experience do you have?

How much money can you afford to spend on a project?

Do you want a "copy" of an existing guitar or something custom / unique?


One thing I would at least mention is that there are lots of places where you can get bodies, necks etc. already made.

The neck / fretboard building is by far the most complicated and critical and many builders use premade necks.

This might be a good way to begin you first building project.

That way you can get a feel for the process, learn more about how the guitar goes together, try your hand at finishing etc. and still have a really good chance of making a nice instrument.

Then on future projects you can build more of the guitar yourself.

Good Luck,

d ward

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Buy "Make your own electric guitar" by Melvin Hiscock.

Its a really good book and is full of info. It has advice for designing a guitar and some step by step tutorials with photos.#

Good luck!

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