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Wiring Again


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ok. it seems so simple but something just isnt right. can someone just show me how to do this so i can get it out of the way? 2 humbuckers, each with individual on/off switches, coiltap (outer coil (on volume push/pull)), individual volume, master tone. i know it should be simple, but for the life of me i cant work out what im doing wrong.

the pickups are kent armstrong by the way, for wire colour info. please someone help, its driving me a little mad

NO WAIT!!! forget that, iv done it now. but i still need a little help.

i'm going to have a stereo jack, for magnetic and piezo, but i'll also have 2 batteries (for different things). can the 2 batteries and the piezo all go on the same lug or does it not matter where the batteries go on the jack?

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