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Epiphone Sg400 Repair Question

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum, and infact this is my very first posting!

Here's my question:

I recently purchased an Epiphone neck-thru-body SG out of the local paper for an outstanding deal.

Problem is, the previous owner stepped on the jack in the guitar damaging the wood, and further damaged it by attempting to repair it. (obviously beyond his capabilities!)

Here are some pics of the damage:



I have an idea how I want to repair the body, but I have a few finishing questions:

-What type of finish is on a factory Epiphone?

-You guys seem to like acrylic laquer, how durable is it compared to the factory finish?

-I don't want to strip the guitar to bare wood if I don't have to, will the acrylic laquer react with the factory finish?

Thanks for your time guys!

Dave from YYC (Calgary) :D

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you may have to strip it down,but it looks like any other black out there so you will be safe

normally for filling small holes,you would drill a hole bigger than the original hole,and then hammer in a dowling

but maybe you will need to cut out a small section,and then glue in a piece of wood

and then sand and redrill

then you will have the finish left

tape off the area's that are already finished(maybe allow a bit of an over hang?i'm not sure,but it will help provide a smooth join)

and spray black,sand etc,bassically your normal body painting tecnique

i've never painted before,but the repair advice may help you

this is were i first learned of filling holes


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