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Quick Fender Body Question

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Hey all, names Nelson, i'm a newb to the board/forum but nto to guitars and repairs, and mods.

I've modded les pauls alot, but recently the wife bought me this cheap fender knock off, a..."Nova"

i just got two quick probs

1) I can't for the life of me seem to be able to remove the entire paint off the body, i want to bring it down to the bare wood

2) the headstock on the neck looks liek that of a Telecaster, and i want i to be that of the old style 60's CBS fender era headstock ( for a good example check out yngwie malmsteens custom guitars, those large ass headstocks) So my question is, can i simply, well in other words, and to put it simply, make the extra sides and curves to glue it on to make it appear as if, a whole headstock ? sort of taking it from the tut in the repair section of the man who built a whole new headstock, can i do somethign liek that ? except to just add on to the already there headstock ? if so, what type of glue or binding agent can i use ? (don't worry i'm probably gonna use maple to make the extra headstock section, it's goign to be painter jet black, so does'nt matter if the woods contrast )


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I'm guessing that the guitar in question MIGHT be painted with Poly, instead of the usual nitro, you are used to, with the Pauls, which would explain why you are having a Hell of a time removing it. Good luck. That stuff doesn't come off easily. Alot of sweat equity is to be had.

As for the headstock: Yeah, it should be doable. I would think Tightboand glue is in order, and you should create the wings out of the same wood type, which is normally, on a strat at least, maple. In order for it to blend in, well, a top veneer can be added, so that you will only see the lines, from behind. So long as you keep the original wood, surrounding the tuners, intact (so as to maintain structural rigidity), I would think all would be well.

If anybody else can shine some additional light on this, please jump in.

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Thanks, really helped me out, especially with the whole headstock problem, only one question, where can i find that "tightboand" glue ? or anythign similar, i live in canada dude, just mentioning

I'm guessing theres no other way to take off that entire black with just some paint stripper eh ? guess i can sand it ....argh........well i'm kind of chisseling it off, which i'm actually doing a really good job at it, not screwing up the body too much, just little tiny pieces of wood that came off here and there, but i can prob just buy some wood filler and touch that up no prob

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I'm doing something somewhat similar, check that here, www.freewebs.com/messingupaperfectlygoodguitar

I'm pretty darn sure its poly because it feels like its encasesed in plastic...... well "felt"

Just sandpaper for me, works well with a low grit and a flat block, although the contours and sides are kind of a pain, and the horns are a REALLY big pain.

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