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Apply heat to soften the glue (like a soldering iron on a piece of brass or something to spread the heat -- or maybe a heat gun). Then you can gently pry under the inlay with an xacto knife or something. This will damage the wood slightly -- but on ebony or rosewood it isn't too bad and can be disguised/repaired well. That's about the only way to save the inlay. If you don't care about saving the inlay (or if it's just dots that are easily replaceable -- or if it's a maple board), just drill out part of the inlay and cut/pry out the rest. The cavity will be undamaged.

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not that im tryin to sound like a dick, but i said low end guitars LIKE squiers and epiphones, it was probably misleading, but i was just trying to point something out for him to check into before he starts drilling holes into a fretboard that might turn out to have an overlay....

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