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Question About Sanding Sealer

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About a year ago I finished a maple/mahogany tele. I am sure the thread is floating in the archives. After finishing what I thought was a nice blue top - I shipped the body to a friend with access to a spray booth (production shop at his office). After a year I finally got the body back - ha screwed up the finish, at least he sanded the body back. TIME TO DYE AGAIN!!!

Today I masked off the top and started to apply DEFT sanding sealer to the Mahogany body. Here is the question. After applying several coats of Sanding sealer I lightly sanded the coats flat. However, when I went to wipe off the build up much of the white (dust) seems to have settled in the grain of the wood.

Am I right in assuming that when my friend sanded the body back he went through the grain filler? Do I need to resand and reapply grain filler?

Thanks in advance,


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