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Bridge Height

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In the Planing of my bass I made a little overlook, I assumed the bridge would work with did not need a neck angle, so long story short, even at the lowest position ithe strings still sit too high over the fretboard, if it was fretted it would have been bearable, but since it is a fretless the distance is too large, I'm not home right now to give an exact measurement, but its 1-2 (4th) string diameters (so .1 to .2) inches over the fb around the 20th fret. I thought of several things, one is to file down the sadles, or to route a slight cavity for the bridge (as thick as the bridge base plate), but I decided to check with you guys

So what are my options?


P.S. what is a decent 20th fret action?

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You didn't say exactly how the neck is attached. If it's a neck thru or set neck I'd route a bridge cavity myself.

If it's bolt on you can just shim the neck. Not the crappy shims that factory made ones often use but one that fully fits the neck pocket. Cut a thin piece of hardwood and sand it to the right thickness.

If you don't want it visible, put it onto another piece of wood and make a tapered shim, one end tapering down almost to nothing. That'll give you a bit of a neck pitch too.

What's a decent action? Depends upon how straight the neck is and how level the frets are. Also how hard you play. Some of the best players I've ever met like really high action.

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