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Making A Fret Bevel Tool...

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I haven't done any metalwork before, and I'm trying to make a fret bevel tool using Brian's tutorial on the main site. I'm stuck at the first step though... I can't even cut the handle and untoothed part of the file off! I've tried using a dremel, a jigsaw, and a miniature hacksaw, all of which did not even make a dent in it. Anyone got any tips? Thanks :D

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Cutoff wheel in a dremel to score the surface, then wrap it in a rag, clamp it in your vice with the bit you want to remove sticking out, and whack it with a hammer.

Files are case hardened on the outer surface, which makes them hard, but brittle, so scoring and hitting will snap 'em quite cleanly. Make the sharp edges around the break smooth with a grinder or belt sander.

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D'oh! I remembered the cutoff wheel, but forgot the smacking. I feel like I was missing something. Yeah, I've done exactly as Setch suggested, listen to him.

And wear eye protection.

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