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Making 4 String Wenge Through Bass Neck Instructions?

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Get Melvyn Hiscock's 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar' (that's a book), has a ton of general building information, as well as details on building a neck-through bass which should help a lot.

That book is an essential tool for beginners, IMO. Priceless.

Other than that, isn't there a pinned neck-through bass tutorial/in-progress thread somewhere here? The wood used isn't really germane to basic contruction methods.

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Cool thanks im only getting wood in july because im going on holiday to south africa.

But i will definatly get that book.

Any one got any ideas on design because im not shore at all yet what i want?

Get the book; for me, the heart of the thing is the chapter on design, taking you through it all step by step. Ultimately, it's your guitar. Build what you want to build.

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The book has three different instruments in it: a set-neck guitar, a bolt-on guitar, and a neck-through 8-string bass. The construction principles for a guitar and a bass, however, are essentially the same, the only real differences being the scale length and dimensions.

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