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Quick Q On Oil Finish On Oil Stain

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i use oil finishes a great deal and here's one thing i've learned that will help your project turn out right..after you've put down your tint and have it they way you want it to look let it cure for 24 hours before you apply your oil. if the tint isn't cured the oil will disolve it and spread it around as you're applying it and your color may turn out spotchy.

good luck with your project.

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Thanks for your replys guys, I went ahead with the oil finnish on my headstock after letting the stain cure overnight. It went on okay but I did notice a fair bit of stain on my oil wiping rag.I wiped on the oil lightly after that. The actual colour stain on the headstock didn't change noticably so it might have been excess stain on the surface. On the second coat of oil the rag was clear of stain.

So my next question I have is after doing a wipe on burst (on the body)with the stains I would like to know

what would be the best way to seal it noting that the stain is oil based. I thought of shallac as hat would allow me to finnish with nitro. An danish oil finnish is also on the cards.



Thanks :D

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That's a great looking piece. Have you posted other pics elsewhere on the site? What is the advantage of oil over other finishes--just a different, more natural look, or does it somehow affect the tone? Did you do your own inlay as well?

I am guessing third stone refers to the earth?

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