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Question For First Project Guitar

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Hello all, as you can see im new here so i figured id introduce myself with a stupid noobish question

im diving in to build my first project guitar, and i had a few questions about the neck

i have a charvel san-dimas strat style alder body with a single bridge humbucker (direct mount) and recessed floyd....and im looking for an all maple neck (possibly flame maple or something flashy) that has 22 frets or maybe an extended board with24 that accomidates the floyd rose nut

the only parts supplier i can find that has the option for the floyd and the 24 fret extension is warmoth.....im wondering if its possible to slot the neck for the locking nut myself easily or if it is too hard for an amature to do properly

also im wondering how the quality of these warmoth necks are? im used to playing gibsons and ESP guitars and im probably going to spend alot of money on this project so i figured i would want something that would feel really nice

what manufacturer would you suggest i go to for this? i kno alot of you might stab fun at my 80s metal style project but i was a big ratt fan as a kid so i figured i might try to imitate warren demartini's snakeskin finish :D

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A lot of people arround here use Warmoth necks and most people don't seem to think they're to bad, apparently they need a little attention to the fret work (leveling and crowning). As I remember its possible to have the locking nut sat behind the already existing nut. If you're buying a pre-built neck I think that's going to be by far the easiest way of doing it. :D you're likely to get told by several people to make your own neck then you can have whatever your heart desires! :D

A snakeskin finish? hummm intesting! I'd probably say that would be most easily done by hand painting the finish on (or maybe using a piece of 'snakeskin' patterned fabric as a stamp) or something like that and then clear coated as per a normal finnish...might be quite difficult but I've done a guitar with a hand painted details that turned out ok using that method.


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yeah that might work, i think im probably just going to have a prebuilt warmoth one made for me with the options i want cuz im too scared to make my own :D

for the finish i was thinking of wrapping the body with either real snakeskin or faux snakeskin (depending on the cost) and putting a clearcoat over it....from what ive researched i think the easiest way is to glue the material on and put a clearcoat over it but im not sure yet (thats how the original im imitating was done)....i could always do one of the other graphic designs if i cant figure it out.......its just a recent inspiration after seeing the new charvel demartini signatures but they cost way too much and ive heard the quality is down so i figured i would build my own and have some fun

would is be hard for someone with decent woodworking skills to make your own neck? it would be really cool to try it but im not sure i could do a good enough job


EDIT : adding mock-up pic just for reference LOL


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