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Novus On Poly

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While I am fairly certain it will work on other hardened finishes as well I can only speak for poly...

Being an acrylic geek there is a product called NOVUS available relatively cheaply. It is a 3 part mild abrasive liquid kit used for removing scratches from acrylic. Starting at part three, which I find slightly more abrasive than regular compounds then part two, which I find most useful. It seems slightly less abrasive than other compounds for a nicer finish with less swirls to deal with. Part one is simply a polish/cleaner.

I will post pics once my retore project is completed, but I though I would share if some of the more expert users here would like to give it a shot. It is readily available at any plastic supplier (look in the yellow pages) and is relavitely cheap at around $7 per bottle retail. I think it's like 10 oz bottles and goes a long way.

Another tip, it that use a soft cotton cloth daiper on a palm sander and it takes out a lot of manual rubbing and swirls, but a regular buffing wheel would work fine as well.

If you can't find it locally and want to try it our, let me know. Maybe I can get a sample or two.



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