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  1. So what type of sealer did you use? Or did you just start with the poly as the sealer too? R-
  2. I have spend loads o'money at guitar fetish. At my level of skill, I would rather buy budget than risk screwing up high end hardware. But that is still not to confuse bedget with cheap or poor quility. Yeah, he has some stuff that is lower end, but most stuff (espicially the stuff you are talking about for a tele) is great gear at a great price. I am an avid fan of the GFS pickups. R-
  3. What exactly went wrong? Maybe we can help prevent it fron happening again. Also, what types of paint are you using. I recall your previous post, did you go all the way down to the wood or just through the previous finish? One of the greatest things to know while painting is that you starting surface be as perfect as can be as any flaws there will always show in the finished product. R-
  4. I think I may have found another to be alerted to. Cumaru, also known as Tonka and generally reffered to as brasilian teak, though teak-like it is not actually teak. It is very heavy and hard and quite beatiful. According to this site: http://www.rain-tree.com/cumaru.htm It has a lot of uses for medicinal purposes especially the beans of the tree. However Cumaru us the original sourse of the medication Cumadine, a blood thinner. I learned this of course after several hours in the garage when I start to feel a little queezy so I stopped working. Inside of a few hours I had aquired a low
  5. (In meak and humble voice) Drak....uh sir...if I may be so bold as to suggest something... With that steer-noggin' I think a BIGSBY is in order. Like a D-50. I mean if you think it would be nice, of course, sir. Seriously though, it is simply awesome. I do have a question though. I am somewhat of an airbrush artist but before my last charvel junk job I never integrated the two. How does a micromeshed bare wood up to say 6000 or 12000 intercoated clear then candy burst with another clear over that? Hmmm...makes me think.
  6. Hey wes, Grab some frisket film. Or believe it or not Glad press-n-seal works too. PLace the film and carefully cut your design. OR simple transparency film from your office supply place if you don't want a tack stencil.
  7. weird as in weird or weird as in too close together? They are a little close but with such a long fretboard I realy couldn't get them much further apart. Maybe another 1/2". But they are different pups in a set so they do sound quite different and good at that. CA is Cyanoacryliate which is the technical term for superglue. It is commonly used to fill dents and dings then sanded flat and smooth. edit: Oh and it was still experience, and even though it isn't perfect it was a blast to do. Now I have to find another, hehehe.
  8. All put together! http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/sum...pg?t=1164733509 http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/sum...pg?t=1164733707 I still need to clean up the wiring a bit, the clear cover is on but not screwed in so it almost can't be seen. Still a rookie job with a few rookie mistakes, but I like it. The funny thing is, I am not a metal guitar guy at all. I do have a 13 year old though, who will make a mockery of all things punk. R- Oooo, cost rundown: $80 for the beater charvette $65 for the GFS LFR (which I am so far impressed with being a cheap one) Still
  9. There were several wood dings, most were easily filled with CA. There was one so large I had to use a 2 part epoxy. I also made a clear acrylic cavity cover for the back. Sanding starts tonight and I am shooting for assembly this week. R-
  10. I've been working on my scratch build for some time, but in between sessions of screwing up wood or in areas I need practice before attemting I love pawn shop surfing for guitars to tear apart and rebuild. Some years ago, I used to airbrush t-shirts so I though after seening several other awesome guitars I'd wet my hands again. Anyway, I found a near dead early model Charvette in a pawn shop. After haggling for some time I brought her home for $80. After some major body repairs I filled the single coil with matching poplar and re-routed for another humbucker. I got back into airbrushing a
  11. I'll plead guilty. Back in 1996 I got caught, thinking my dail-up had been disconnected. Apparently though the tech was savy in this new computer age and quickly handled my dail-up failure with a, "TURN YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF IDIOT!" R-
  12. Your age is impresivly irrelevant. Awesome work for a hobbyist of any age. I look on with envy at what is only to be described as a natural talent with a keen eye for detail. You had me with the milk dud. R-
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